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General Information

Entrance fee/Open hours

Open: 9:00–17:00

(Admission until 16:30)

Entrance Fee: 330 yen/person(tax incl.),

A group discount is available for the parties of 20 or more

Closed: During the New Year holiday (December 28th–January 4th)

※ Places other than the restored townscape are free and open year round.

> 一般社団法人 朝倉氏遺跡保存協会


Free parking is available in various locations within the ruins.

Wheelchairs can be borrowed at the south entrance of the restored townscape.

一乗谷朝倉氏遺跡 駐車場

Tour Guides

-          Visitors can enjoy an app that provides an audio guide with a smartphone or other smart device. Languages: Japanese, English

-          Visitors can take a virtual tour while enjoying various videos as they reach certain landmarks using a tablet provided at the reception booth (Japanese, English). Rental Fee: 500 yen