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Fukui City Waterworks Museum


FukuiCity Waterworks Museum is located at the foot of Mt. Asuwa on the eastern side. It used to be the Asuwa Pumping Station, which was used to pump water to the reservoir on the mountaintop. Constructed in 1924, this two-story reinforced concrete building has 18 m in width and 13 m in length. It also has a gabled slate roof. This modern construction from the Taisho Period has exposed mortared outer walls, large rectangular windows upstairs and downstairs, and gomagara designed pillars.


    National registered tangible cultural property
    (registered January 26, 2001)

  • Management body

    Fukui City

  • Location

    1-chome Asuwa, Fukui City

  • Classification


福井市水道記念館の写真1 福井市水道記念館の写真2


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