The stir of the breeze, the flickering of the light, the calm of the shade,
the tones and aromas—some things are just beyond description.

Yokokan Garden has an intimacy that can only be experienced by sitting in the building and surrendering oneself to the setting.
Come and feel the welcoming softness of the ambience that warms the soul.

A Slice of Tranquility "Osensui" ~Yokokan Garden~
Yokokan garden is located in Fukui City, the capital of the Fukui Prefecture in central Japan.
Yokokan Garden that used to be called "Osensui Yashiki" was a villa owed by the Matsudaira clan, lord of the Fukui Domain.
The graceful shoin-style architecture and the exquisite garden became known as the masterpiece of gardens made in the mid Edo period (1603-1868).
It has constantly received prestigious awards in the Journal of Japanese Gardening, published in America.
Experience the serene beauty of the Yokokan Garden!